Thursday, September 11, 2008

NL All Hustle Team

Catcher--Russell Martin--This position was one of the toughest to pick. Russell is a five tool player and you don't see a catcher too often with his physical talent at the catcher position matched by his toughness.

1B--Jeff Francour-- He is normally an outfielder but does play first base as well, and i had to find a spot for him. He will go down swinging quite often but I love his effort and he too is a five tool payer. If you watch his swing you can tell that he never leaves anything back, and he runs the bases like he swings a bat, as hard as he knows how.

2B--Chase Utley-- You know about his great offensive talent, but I have seen this guy give his body up so many times diving for balls and making great plays. I also saw him give up his body to take a dive at a catcher twice his size. he may not be a big guy but is just as strong and tough as anyone.

3B--David Wright--Is a pro and the perfect player for the Mets because the young and old veterans can watch Wright play the game and see that that's the kind of effort you need to win. One thing that really caught my eye was when the Mets blew it last season and let the Phillies win the division, Wright was in an interview and I think that he was the most affected in the locker room. Young and old guys on the Mets can learn so much from this pro.

SS--David Eckstein--Probably my All Hustle Team MVP. He looks like he is working out, and Hustling when he is warming up in the on deck circle. This guy takes so much pride on his hustle. I can guarantee you will never see him not run out a ground ball of fly ball. There was a stat I aw late towards the end of the season last year and Eckstein had only swung and whiffed a pitch 17 times. He is another player you would want you kids to watch and play like.

LF--Erick Byrnes--This guy is on of my favorites. If he is not MVP then he is a very close second. This guy will give you everything he has. I don't think he cares if there's a HR fence or not, he will run through it if he has to. He runs around the outfield like a chicken with his head cut off trying to make sure nothing drops as a base hit.

CF--Shane Victorino (The Flyin Hawaiian)--The nick name fits his abilities because this guy might be the fastest on this list. He, like everyone else on this list will get to anything in the outfield. The thing I like most about this guy though is that just by watching him you can tell he never thinks that his team is out of a game, and he will do all that he can to make sure that they still have a chance.

RF--Hunter Pence--Now this comes full circle and back to where we began. This guy is pedal to the medal all of the time. I hate that he plays for the Astros, but I wish the Cubs could get him and didn't have to play him so often. He is a great talent and the effort and intensity he put into his game makes him the great player that he is going to be. He plays that game at such a level that he may see some injuries in his career.

That's it. That's the list!


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