Friday, September 5, 2008

MLB MVP and Cy young

I've been rolling around these ideas in my head and questions about who should be elligible for the MVP and Cy Young award winners for the AL and the NL.

Should a releife pitcher be elligible for the CyYoung Award?
Should a Starting or releife pitcher be elligible for the MVP award?

My opinion is that a pitcher can be an MVP but it has to be clear cut that the pitcher or reliefe pitcher was more valuable then the position player in that given league (AL/NL).

People are talking about K-Rod possibly winning the Cy Young or MVP.
1st) K-Rod has 54 saves which is a ton at this point in the season. However he doesn't deserve the Cy Young because he has blown 5 save opportunities this year which is maybe average making him 54 of 59 on save opportunities. Not great in my opinion. He is 2-2 with a 2.63 ERA, also not Cy Young numbers for a releifer.

2nd)Look at how dominant that team has been all season long. Angels have dominated the AL West from the beginning of the season to now. As for the MVP award, that means to me that If you were to replace K-Rod with someone who maybe wasn't as good but had the same amount of save opportunities that the Angels would be a lot worse off and not in contention for the playoffs. However that is not the case because they have had a strangle hold on the division all year long. They would be in the playoffs with or with out him. K-Rod derserves the award for Releivers assuming he has the most saves at the end of the season and nothing else.

3rd) How can K-Rodeven be mentioned for CyYoung in the AL with Cliff Lee having the type of year that he is. Playing on one of the most underachieving teams in the league and already having 20 wins. The team is terrible but he has been solid all season long. He should run away with the Cy Young. They have the Rolaids Reliefe award for a reason: For the person with the most saves. If they wanted the MVP or Cy young they should have been a Starting Pitcher or a position player. Dennis Echersly won the Cy Young back whe he and the A's were dominant, and to his credit he only blew one save that season. I thik that may qualify him for the Cy Young, but not after 5 blown saves.

Trash, Whats you take?


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