Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Picks Week 2

N.O. @ Washington- There are just too many weapons in N.O. for the Washington Redskins to compete with. This will be a victory for N.O.

Chicago @ Carolina- I have the Panthers winning this one. I liked Chicago's game plan against Indy last week however, they will not have the luxury of an out of rhythm QB. Another thing to look out for is the deadly running attack that is Williams/Stewart that will keep the Bears defense on their heels all game long.

Green Bay @ Detroit- I have Green Bay winning this simply because it seems as though the Lions still haven't figured out how to play defense. The offensive side of the ball will be much tougher than it was against Atlanta. The Lions need to make some serious adjustments or they will lose big!

Buffalo @ Jacksonville- I think that Buffalo could be the real deal this year and I expect them to go take a hard fought game from Jacksonville. 0-2 Jacksonville?? We'll see. I think so.

Oakland @ K.C.- K.C. will win this for two reasons. Oakland has some serious issues' they need to deal with. It doesn't just seem like lack of execution with them, but possibly lack of passion and that in the NFL is a recipe for disaster. Number 2 their playing in one of the toughest venues to play in, at Arrow Head. The atmosphere will be too much for the Raiders youth to handle.

N.Y. Giants @ St.Louis- I have the Giants in this. It will be a much more spirited effort from the Rams than it was last week but, I think it could be another long season for the Rams. Not because of their offense though, mainly because of their defense.

Indianapolis @ Minnesota- You will find that Manning will be more relaxed with his personnel. You might see a close game though because of the legs of AP. I'll say Indy avoids going 0-2 and wins in Minnesota.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati- Call me crazy but I have Cincinnati winning this one. Vince Young has just been too much of a distraction for the team to be fully ready. I know Kerry Collins is back up and that is why. It'll be a win for Cincinnati and maybe a confidence builder for Ocho Cinco and his talented QB, Carson Palmer

San Francisco @ Seattle- No Receivers. No Problem... the 49ers are coming to town. Senaca Wallace will be used at receiver as well as underrated recent sign Sammi Parker. They will be fine and JT O'Sullivan will have his trouble with the crowd noise...

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay- The Buccs will win this one. The youth will be evident against a defense like the Buccs. Matt Ryan will have his struggles. Should an easy one.

San Diego @ Denver- With the short week for Denver I would expect San Diego to win this game. I know Denver looked good last week, but it was against Oakland. I think this will be a close game but I would expect that the big 3 for San Diego will be too much for Denver.

New England @ N.Y. Jets- I will not pick against the Patriots until they lose one. They haven't lost one in 20 straight regular season games. No Brady... Yes but this same situation seemed to work out for them pretty well for them last time they had a starting QB go down. Pats in a close one.

Miami @ Arizona- Arizona! that's all I have for this one. Miami on the road. They couldn't even win at home last year.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland- Cleveland should be a frenzied crowd... however, I am not sold on Derek Anderson as a starting QB in this league. The crowd will help the Browns keep the game close in the first half. I think the Steelers pull away in the second half.

Philadelphia @ Dallas- The T.O.-McNabb saga continues, some story lines here, and a big NFC East match-up. I look for Dallas to be too good and win on their home turf. Get em' T.O.

And my Lock of the week is...I hate to do this but Green Bay over Detroit. I just have not seen the improvement on the defensive side of the ball and until they do something about that I can't see them being a very successful team. I hope I am wrong. Go Lions.

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