Sunday, September 7, 2008

AFC Predictions

AFC--EAST-- New England will win the division no question. The Dolphins and Bills will be at the bottom again. Not strong enough QB play from Buffalo and too young and inexpereince for the Dolphins. I do like the Jets and feel that they can compete but not for a playoff spot. I love the moves that the Jets made in the offseason addressing the O-Line and of course aquiring Favre, but they are unfortuanately overpowered in the AFC. If they played in the NFC I think they would make it.

AFC--NORTH-- Pittsburgh I fully expect to win this division. Great tools and weapons on both sides of the ball and a tough solid QB that knows how to win, with a solid underrated back up in Dennis Dixon. Baltimore will have the same issues they have every year no one at QB to direct their offense to the playoffs. Defese is typically stout but not enough to overcome a horrifying offense. Cleveland will finish second in the divison and just miss the playoffs for the second straight year. I beleive that the Browns poored to much into Derek Anderson after one good season and will regret giving him all of that money. (20 mil over 3 years). They do have great WR's and pose a very intimidating offensive threat, but there are questions on the Defense. Then there's the Bengals that have to many off the field issues to keep their minds focused on winning. Whether it's Chad Johnson's/Ocho Cinco's shanninigans or anther idiot getting arested.

AFC--SOUTH-- Indianpolis and Jacksonville will battle it out for the Division and the first wild card spot. Indianopolis is getting old and may not have too many years on top. Jacksonville is however up and coming and will win the wild card with great play down the stretch from David Garrard who is very underrrated. This may be top to bottom the toughest division in the AFC. Tennesee will just miss the palyoffs as they too have a good team with a good chance, and Houston seems to be improving every year through the draft, and a key trade here and there.

AFC--WEST-- San Diego is too strong offensively and defensively not to win this division. I am still not sold on Norv Turner being the coach to take this team all the way though. He's a decent but not great coach. I beleive that Shottenheimer got screwed and was the right guy. One word the LT. Denver will linger around like they always do but instead of just missing the playoffs this year they will just get in as the last wild card. Cutler may not have a great year but he will show vast improvement from last year to this year and will gain over the respect of the organization, his teammates, and the tough fans of Denver. Oakland is improving greatly. I still don't know about Jamarcus Russell, but Darren Mcffadden is going to be a stud for a long time assuming he stays out of trouble in Oakland. Oakland has a Solid defense, with some weapons offesnively. I look for this team to do some damage in the next couple of years. KC will win nothing with Brody Croyle as their starter, or Damon Hured for that fact.

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