Saturday, September 6, 2008

NFC predictions and lock of the week

Ok... Here we go.
NFC--SOUTH--No brainer New Orleans Saints. By default really though. Atlanta too young and inexperienced. Carolina has too many questions at QB and the suspension to Steve Smith hurts. And Tampa Bay to me is in my opinion one of the most overrated teams in the league.

NFC--NORTH--Minnesota seems like the most complete team in that division. A good O-Line, Solid Defense and one of the best running games in the league will propel them to the North championship. With one of the Wild Cards going to Detroit, who will turn the bad years of losing into the success of a berth in the playoffs. Chicago and GB will both just miss the playoffs as this will be the most cmpetitive division with all teams having decent records, and all potentially having a chance at the playoffs going into the last couple weeks of the season.

NFC--WEST-- No brainer like the south is SEATTLE. By default they win this division. Look who else is in their division. SF unfortuanately is still a couple years away from being a playoff team. Arizona has QB contraversy's and an unhappy WR in Anquan Boldin will kill their season, and the RAMS have to much to do to improve. But don't get me wrong SEATTLE gets no respect outside of the Pacific NW and they are a good consistant football team with Holmgren as Coach and Hasselback at QB. He really knows how to manage a game and will give Seattle a chance every single week.

NFC--EAST-- DALLAS will runnaway with the division, with the Eagles getting the wild card. The giants have too many injuries on the defensive side of the ball, and the Redskins will never win with Campbell as their starter. I'm sorry but I thought it was a mistake to make him a starter to begin with. He should be at best a backup, if not third string. they need a QB to distribute and he is not the guy. Just not for the Skins but for any team.

Dallas will win the NFC and Play in the Big game.
Offensive Player of the year will be Tony Romo
Devensive Player fo the year will be Justin Tuck
Coach of the Year will be Rod Marinelli

My lock of the week. Seattle to cover against Buffalo is favored by 1.5 pts. Give me a break. East Coast Bias big time. I like Buffalo, but what have they done to be favored over Seattle?

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