Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to The NW Sports Report.

My name is Trash and this is my first blogging expierence. I am only one of the author's of this blog. I am a graduate from the great University of Oregon. I am very passionate about the Ducks as I am sure you will find out as time goes on. I enjoy sports more than anything and I am very excited to have this opportunity to express my feelings about sports. I couldn't have started this blog at a better time. College football is one of my favorite times of the year. I am doing this because it is fun for me to do. I would like to see other people take interest and provide feedback on my posts. Negative feedback and criticism is just as welcome as positive feedback. If I only have 1 reader I will be happy but obviously I would prefer a high number of viewers. I will discuss a wide range of topics from the four major sports to whatever might be a big story at the time i.e. Tennis, U.S. Open, Michael Phelps. I will ring in on many different topics even some local stories such as: Winterhawks hockey, Pac-10 athletics, and possibly other amatuer sports in the area. I look forward to posting daily ( or almost daily) and getting more involved in reading and reacting to other blogs and sports forums. Time for me to catch some z's so I can wake up early put in my 8 hours and be ready for college football to start tommorrow. Most important game for me is the Stanford vs. Oregon State game. I would look for Oregon State to win that one but always a tough start to the season with a conference game first... should be interesting... I can't wait.
Happy opening weekend of College Football to everyone.


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