Sunday, August 31, 2008

My report Oregon 44 UW 10!

I am going to start out talking about Ducks special teams. I was a little disappointed with the field goal kicking. First missing a little chip shot that could have put us up 7pts at half and then the missed extra point. It didn't turn out to cost us but I just hope our field goal kicking doesn't become an issue as the year goes on. The Ducks punting and kickoffs looked significantely better then they have in the past. They were pinning the Huskies back inside the 20 yard line punting and booting 40 to 50 yard punts which ducks fans are not used to, and the kickoffs were either going out of the endzone or at the very least Washington was recieving the ball so far deep in the endzone that they would not return it. Ducks fans have not been used to that either. Overall our kicking game was pretty solid. I would give our filed goal kicking a C-, our punting a B+, and our kickoffs an A. On returning the ball the Ducks didn't get many chances but Jarius Byrd had a very nice punt return where he was breaking tackle after tackle, and I thought he was going to bring it to the house. It was very impressive. I would give the returners a B grade.

Next is the U of O offense. The QB situation is scary. they will now be using a 2 headed monster now that Roper has a concussion. I didn't see him take any big hits, is he just a softy or was there a legitiment hit there? Masoli was the primary QB used with spotted showings of Harper. They both played OK. Duck fans, How crazy is it to know that we will be going into ther next couple of games using our 3rd and 4th string QB's? Of course depending on how long Roper will be out. I loved seeing Masoli tryng to make plays while being flushed out of the pocket, he looked very good doing that. However it seemed as though when he was going out of the pocket he wasnt looking for something down field. He looked like he would take off from the pocket with no idea or intentions of what he wanted to do. Still looked great though. Just my opinon from what I saw, maybe i'm wrong. Harper also saw some time. However he didn't get a chance to throw the ball. No suprise there. UW coaching staff should have known that Harper has been having semi serious shoulder issues and that he most likely wasnt going to throw it especially as good as his running ability is. If I was UW I would have brought the house and made him throw it to see what he's got. They didn't do that and I thought Harper looked very impressive running the ball. I give the QB's a B-.

The Receivers and O-ling played pretty good. J- Will is still a freak athletically. I knew that as soon as he cought that ball for the TD he was gone and no one would get him. I am very excited about Terrance Scott who looked like the best reciever out on the field all night long. WOW! receivers. B+. The RB's JJ and Blount both looked really good running behind a solid O-Line. JJ made some very nice jukes and spins, while blount was running through people. blount was better then advirtised and I wish he would have got more carries. Not only is he a load to bring down, he is very fast with some jukes. I was expecting a Lendale White type back, but not only is he big, he is fast and quick. RBs/Oline B.

Defense was very tough. I thought that the Corners could have played a little better on man coverage but really not enough to complain about. The Front line was very dominant. They completely shut down the run and were able to contain locker pretty well. Our line played better than people think they should have in the experts opinions. however, I beleive our line backers are very good and they are a lot better then people think. Spencer Paysinger was a beast flying all over the field making play after play. Only a Sophamore, and I think that he was our best backer last night. WOW! LB get a B+, D-line B+, and secondary B.

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