Thursday, August 28, 2008

Was that a good showing for the Beavers?

I cant stand all of the biased talk that goes on about OSU. "That they do more with less", or "if Riley had what belotti had they would have won a national championship", or "that Riley is a better coach then Belotti". Give me a break. 95% of the people that talk trash abut the ducks A) are jealous of what they have (Money, phil Knight, Facilities, and better recruiting) or B) our success. Granted OSU has been over achieving for the last couple of years, but that's only because they have low expectations. Belotti has built the program to such power that nothing but success is expected no matter what happens. Mediocrity is accepted at OSU an that is why they . "over achieve" so often" The Ducks and Beavers have very similar records over the last deccade with OSU having theadge in bowl wins (due to playing weaker teams in less revenued Bowl games). What I'm getting at is that it was some what poetic justice to see an overhyped overrated Beavers team go into Palo Alto and start the conference season off 0-1 all while losing to one of the weaker teams in the PAC-10. I fully predict OSU will not make a bowl game this year which will be acceptable by the so called "Beaver Nation" because medocrity is expected and acceptable.

You look at what U of O endured last year with with Paysinger going down after week 2, Colvin going down against Cal, John Bacon starting Middle linebacker out for season, Jerimiah Johnon out for season, and then of course Dennis dixon heisman canidate out for season. Then you look at Clemens going down after all the success they had, and now Costa going down for season. I know that they have already used Costas red shirt, but I sure hope they can get him a mediccal redshirt and he can have 3 years of elligibility left over. I don't see why not because Oregon State WR Sammie Stroughter received a medical red shirt after playing 4 games and then getting injured. Fair is fair right?

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