Friday, August 29, 2008

The toughest shedules in college football

There is no question that the Pac-10 is the conference with the toughest schedules. As a fan of any conference you have to respect what the Pac 10 does. They are the only ones that added an extra conference game when the NCAA added a 12th game. It gets a little nasiating seeing these SEC teams get so much credit because of how tough the teams are in that conference. I'm not saying it isn't the toughest conference top to bottom... Don't get me wrong I think they are one of the best conferences. For example LSU non-conference schedule- Appalachian State, Troy, North Texas, and Tulane (All at home) there is 4 guarenteed wins. All they need is 2 more wins and they are bowl eligable. They beat Ole Miss and Miss St. both home as well and they will be bowl eligible. That is pretty pathetic for a program with the prestige of an LSU. I'm not saying that all SEC teams follow the LSU schedule of cream puffs, but every team not Pac 10 in the country chose to schedule one more non-conference because the coaches and athletic directors of other universities would rather schedule another North Texas, Alabama A&M, or Youngstown State. Scheduling another conference game might possibly mean another loss. And we wouldn't want teams to actually earn their bowl games. That being said... IT IS TIME THE REST OF THE COUNTRY FOLLOW SUIT AND MAN UP... EARN YOUR BOWL... QUIT DODGING OPPONENTS... IT PROVES NOTHING.

Now back to the Ducks game. Living in Seattle, I have had the opportunity to listen to quite a bit of local Huskies radio and make no mistake about it... they have nothing to lose. It is tough to start a season out with this rivalry and I fully expect the Huskies to be prepared. They have lost 4 in a row to the Ducks. Their coach who all of the players seem to have a great amount of respect for is on the hottest seat in college football. If the Huskies lose this it could be the beginning of the for Tyrone Willingham. Their schedule is absolutely brutal. One of the writers in the Seattle Times reported that "this is the most important opening game in ever for Husky football." No one is putting more pressure on the Huskies than themselves... and that is what scares me. I might feel better about it if we played Utah State or Boise State before we started a conference game. At least I would know something about the team before playing Pac 10 games. Either team could be out of a shot of a conference title before they even know what they really have, and that is the scary thing about starting off with a conference game, and a rival at that. With that said, I fully predict that the Ducks Defense will be too much for the Huskies to handle. I could see the Ducks defense forcing 3 plus turnovers and if that happens I don't really see the Huskies able to overcome that. The noise and craziness that is Autzen Stadium will also be a big factor. If the crowd noise causes false starts or delay of games, or if it even causes Washington to use timeouts prematurely than that will also be very tough to overcome. As tough as it is to know this is our opening game, it brings excitement that you usually don't get until mid to late season. I know I'm excited...



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